Discover the glamour and fun of speed flying - Speedflying Mania

Discover the glamour and fun of speed flying - Speedflying Mania - TBMPOY

Discover the glamour and fun of speed flying - Speedflying Mania


What is Speedflying:

Speedflying is an exciting and challenging extreme sport that has taken the world by storm in recent years. It is a combination of paragliding, skiing and skydiving techniques and is also known as "mountain flying" or "air skiing".

Speedflying is the sport of paragliding over a steep mountain and high-altitude terrain, achieving the ultimate in high-speed free flight. speed- flying paragliders are smaller than traditional paragliders, with a shorter deployment area and shorter cables, resulting in greater speed and agility. Paragliders can reach speeds of approximately 50 miles per hour and fly at altitudes typically ranging from tens to hundreds of feet, providing an amazing experience of rapid traversal through the natural environment.


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Pre-flight preparation:


Get professional training: it is always a good idea to get professional training before trying Speedflying. Look for an instructor or coach with extensive experience and qualifications who can teach you proper technique and safety, as well as the basic principles of flying and manoeuvring techniques. (For enthusiasts who have no experience in the sport at all, you can choose qualified clubs with professional instructors who can take you flying. The only things you need to prepare in the early stage are money and equipment such as windbreakers, or even just money.)

Understanding flight theory: Familiarise yourself with flight theory, including knowledge of wind, airflow and meteorology. Knowing these basic concepts can help you better understand and predict performance and challenges in different flight conditions.

Familiarise yourself with flight equipment: learn how to use and characterise paragliders, harnesses and other equipment. Familiarise yourself with how to properly carry out equipment checks, folding and correct adjustments etc. to ensure reliability and safety.

Suitable climatic conditions: Speedflying requires suitable climatic conditions to ensure stable and safe flying. Suitable weather conditions should be sunny, warm and not too windy. Knowing the local wind speed and direction, as well as paying attention to the local weather forecast, are essential preparations before flying. High winds and poor weather conditions may result in the pilot being unable to control the paraglider putting the pilot in a dangerous situation.

Permits and regulations: You need to have obtained a local permit to fly, and know and follow the rules and restrictions of flying in your area. This will ensure that you are flying within the law and keeping yourself and other participants safe.

Know the site conditions: Before choosing a Speedflying site, it's a good idea to find out in advance about the area's terrain, potential hazards and obstacles, and the availability of suitable landing areas.

Talk to other flyers: Talk to other experienced Speedflying enthusiasts to get their advice and recommendations. They can share their favourite sites and experiences to help you make better choices.


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Choice of equipment:

Paragliders: Paragliders used in Speedflying are smaller than traditional paragliders. They usually have a smaller deployment area and shorter cables to provide faster speeds and more agile manoeuvrability. Paragliders are also designed to be more compact and lightweight, making them easier to carry and quicker to take off.

Harnesses and helmets: As with any extreme sport, harnesses and helmets are essential equipment in Speedflying. Seatbelts and helmets provide protection and mitigate injuries from possible collisions and falls.

Masks and Goggles: As Speedflying is a faster sport, masks and goggles provide better visibility and protection by keeping sand and debris out of the eyes.

Clothing: Speedflying requires clothing that is adapted to all weather conditions. Due to the higher speeds, extra wind and water resistance is essential to provide comfort and protection. Breathable and lightweight clothing ensures comfort and flexibility while hiking.

Shoes: Choosing the right shoes for Speedflying is important. Lightweight, grippy hiking shoes or similar with adequate ankle support are the best choice. Such a shoe will provide enough flexibility and grip for different terrain and landing situations.


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Choice of location:

Mountains and Alps: Mountains and Alps are one of the main environments for Speedflying, choose areas with steep slopes and ridges suitable for Speedflying. These areas usually have good updrafts and winds as well as enough vertical height to provide enough airflow and kinetic energy to support the flying motion and to be able to utilise your paraglider handling abilities.

Wide open spaces: Speedflying requires wide enough spaces to glide and avoid obstacles during landing and flight. Terrain such as open meadows, beaches and dry rivers can provide the right environment for flying.

Gently sloping hills: Gently sloping hills are one of the main take-off points for Speedflying. These slopes usually have the right gradient and height to provide sufficient glide length and flight distance to ensure that the pilot can take off and glide smoothly.

Why you love Speedflying


Firstly, Speedflying's high-speed flight is one of its most compelling features. By gliding quickly, fliers can feel the excitement and sense of speed of high-speed flight, a feeling unmatched by other sports. During the flight, the flyer can feel the flow of air and the acceleration of the body, thus gaining a unique sense of excitement.

Secondly, Speedflying combines the intense dynamics of paragliding flight and skiing. Flyers can fly between mountains and avoid obstacles, experiencing a unique sense of sprint and freedom. The sport requires not only paragliding control skills but also the flexibility to cope with complex terrain and flying conditions, adding to the challenge and excitement of the sport.

In addition, Speedflying is a highly technically challenging sport. Flyers need to master complex flight manoeuvring skills and at the same time cope with the challenges of different flight environments and meteorological conditions. Overcoming these challenges requires a high level of concentration and skill, and the flyer gains satisfaction and growth from the constant endeavour.

At the same time, Speedflying offers the opportunity to explore the unknown and enjoy spectacular scenery. Flyers can fly over mountains and canyons and see the beauty and uniqueness of nature up close. With Speedflying, people can access places that are normally hard to reach and enjoy chic views from the sky, a special experience that no other sport can offer.

Finally, Speedflying gives the flyer a high degree of freedom and the opportunity for personal growth. Flyers can choose their flight paths and manoeuvres according to their ideas and skills, and pursue their flying styles and goals. This freedom and personal growth are very attractive to extreme sports enthusiasts who seek individuality and self-transcendence.

How to find a satisfactory club


If you search for Speedflying in Google Chrome, you can find the websites of some clubs, and find their customer service to ask for details of addresses and prices. It is also possible to search the Speedflying forums, where a lot of flying enthusiasts post their opinions about the clubs recommend the best places to fly, or even become your flying partner, or post their questions in the forums and wait for a better answer to appear.

The way to find the nearest club is to search for Speedflying on the map, the map will show you the addresses of nearby Speedflying clubs, if it doesn't show up, you need to change the keywords you are searching for or change the city, maybe there is no suitable place to fly in your city, so there are no relevant clubs in the vicinity.

Of course, if you are introduced to this sport by a friend and want to try it, the resources introduced by your friend are the easiest to trust, and also the most hassle-free way and method.


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