Explore nature and preserve her beauty

Explore nature and preserve her beauty - TBMPOY

Explore nature and preserve her beauty


We often see photos of natural landscapes and always think that can do the same when come across such a view, however, the photos that remain on our mobile phones and cameras are not like that. How do you take photos of a great view?

Choosing unique and visually striking locations makes it easier to take great pictures. For example, from majestic mountains to serene lakes, from gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to magnificent waterfalls, every natural landscape photo can bring the viewer a deep sense of shock and beauty.

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Light is a key factor in outdoor photography, and light at different times of day will bring different effects to the picture. Capture the golden hour light (sunrise and sunset), this time usually brings soft and warm light, which is conducive to creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. The sparkling waves of the calm sea at dusk time bring a unique picture colour to the photo.

When shooting, composition and angle are also a key step in determining the outcome of the film. Set your mobile phone or camera screen with nine equal reference lines, and make the picture more attractive and balanced by placing the subject on the intersection or alignment line; use flowers and leaves as foreground elements to guide the characters to join the picture, adding emotion and storytelling in the picture; try to choose unique and eye-catching perspectives for different scenery, and try to pay attention to the collocation of the foreground, mid-range and far-away views to create a sense of hierarchy. For example, when highlighting tall buildings or vegetation, you can take a low-angle shot, and shoot from the ground upwards to create a more impressive image.

Use the weather wisely, different weather conditions will bring different effects. Shooting on a sunny day gives you a clear and bright view, while shooting in rain or snow gives you a unique texture and atmosphere. Take advantage of different weather conditions to create a variety of works.


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Post-processing of pictures is also a plus.

Adjustment of Colour and Contrast: The visual effect of a photo can be enhanced by adjusting parameters such as colour saturation, light/dark contrast and hue. The warmth or coolness of colours can be adjusted to emphasise the saturation of specific colours, depending on the theme and atmosphere of the shot.

Sharpening and Noise Processing: Using appropriate sharpening techniques, you can add clarity and detail to your images. Also, noise reduction processing is performed as needed to improve image quality in low-light conditions.

Exposure and Shadow Repair: If overexposure or underexposure occurs in a shot, it can be repaired through post-processing. Use the Exposure Compensation tool to repair overexposed or underexposed details, and the Shadow/Highlight tool to adjust the detailed representation of shadows and highlights in the image.

Remove blemishes and repair: By using the Repair tool or the Clone tool, you can remove stray spots, smudges, and other blemishes from your photos. You can also use the Repair tool to fix unwanted elements or distractions.

Cropping and compositional adjustments: Crop and make compositional adjustments to the image as needed to highlight the subject or improve the visual balance. At the same time, care is taken to maintain the proportions and symmetry of the original photograph.

Application of special effects and filters: According to the style and needs, you can apply some special effects and filters, such as black-and-white conversion, blurring, negative effects, HDR effects and so on. However, they should be used carefully and avoid over-processing to maintain the authenticity and naturalness of the photo.

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Of course, the pleasure of shooting is more concerned with the view being real, so keep it real and restrained in post-processing to avoid excessive retouching. The original image straight out of the box is the best appreciation for the view and the shooter.

More importantly, it is a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, we can appreciate the magnificence and diversity of nature, the stillness and serenity of nature can take us away from our daily stresses and worries and bring a sense of calm and inner peace. Nature landscape photography stimulates our creativity and desire for expression. By capturing the beauty and wonder of the natural world, we can show our unique perspectives and artistic creations, conveying our emotions and opinions in pictures.



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