Choosing the best beach trousers for your seaside holiday

Choosing the best beach trousers for your seaside holiday - TBMPOY

Choosing the best beach trousers for your seaside holiday


The sound of the waves of the sea, the crystal clear water, the soft touch possessed by the golden sand, the sunrise and sunset on the beach, the gentle breeze of the sea and the horizon in the distance are all magnificent pictures given by nature. The beach is rich in recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, diving, sailing, beach volleyball, etc., which are not only fun but also help to exercise. Spending quality time with family and friends and participating in beach activities and games together can enhance relationships and create precious memories. While enjoying the sun, sand and waves, a suitable pair of beach trousers will not only enhance your beach fashion but also give you unparalleled comfort. Choose the right beach trousers to make your holiday perfect.

Types of beach trousers

Beach shorts come in a variety of styles and materials, and understanding the different types of beach shorts is the first step in choosing the best beach shorts.

Board shorts: these shorts-style beach shorts are for people who like to be active in the water, and they are usually made of quick-drying fabrics that make it easy to move around in the water.

Casual beach shorts: these are more loose-fitting and comfortable and are ideal for walking on the beach or hanging out at a beachside bar.

Swimsuit beach shorts: if you plan to spend most of your time swimming, choosing a pair of well-fitting swimsuit beach shorts will be more appropriate.

Choose the right size and cut

The size and cut of your beach shorts are crucial for both comfort and appearance, make sure they are neither too tight nor too loose to stay free and comfortable during your activities.

Consider the cut of the waist and legs and whether it favours your body shape and activity needs.

Consider material and function

Different materials and functional designs can affect the comfort and practicality of your beach trousers.

Choose a breathable material, such as cotton or linen, that will keep you cool in hot weather.

If you plan to do water activities, choosing beach shorts made of quick-drying material will be more convenient.

Beach trousers with UV protection will protect your skin from UV rays.

Matchability and Versatility

Considering the pairing and versatility of beach trousers can make your travelling easier.

Choose beach trousers that can be easily paired with a t-shirt, tank top or shirt.

Some beach shorts are designed with multi-functional pockets to make it easy to carry small items such as keys and sunscreen.


Men's UPF50+ Quick Dry Swim Board Shorts


All polyester fabric, breathable and comfortable to wear, easy and quick drying for your water activities, 9 inches inseam length for you to walk and hang out on the beach.

Full elasticated waistband, suitable for people of all sizes, the built-in waist cord is designed to serve as a fixing function again.

Two sides diagonal open zip pockets, back pocket velcro, easy to carry pieces of items mobile phone, pocket drainage hole design, play a wading and drainage of functional properties.

The leg openings on both sides of the trousers are designed to enhance the space for movement.


Women's 5" High Waisted Swim Board Shorts


High-waisted yoga waistband, effective to tighten the abdomen and enhance the beauty of women, built-in waist rope design and plays a fixed role.

Two side zip pockets are convenient for carrying small items without affecting movement, and the pocket drainage hole design plays a functional attribute of wading and draining.

The two-sided curved hem design enhances the space for movement, and the built-in high-quality tricot liner is convenient for women to wear close to their bodies and protects their privacy.


Women's 7" Quick Dry Swim Board Shorts


100% polyester fabric, good breathability, can quickly drain sweat and moisture, easy and quick-drying functional attributes, ideal for water activities or in wet environments.

7" inseam length is suitable for most body types for walking in a beach environment or surfing in the ocean.

High-waisted yoga waistband for better support and comfort and the built-in waistband cord is designed to act as an additional anchor.

Two side zip pockets make it easy to carry small items without losing them or interfering with your workout, and the drain hole design on the pockets means that even if water gets inside the pockets, the water can be drained out quickly, preventing the items from being damaged due to prolonged water immersion.

The curved hem on both sides enhances leg mobility, and the built-in triangular liner makes it easy for women to wear it close to their bodies and protects their privacy.


Women's 5" Quick Dry Swim Board Shorts


Practical pockets on both sides of the trousers make it easy to carry your belongings and mobile phone without affecting the smoothness of your workout at all. The thigh pockets also feature yoga pant pockets with drainage holes for quick drainage when wading through water. The trousers are open on both sides to allow for more room for movement and have a high-quality built-in tricot liner that ensures a comfortable fit while protecting privacy.

The left pocket has an elasticated cord key fob for carrying locker keys.


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